Social Media In the Large Enterprise

Think of them as the ultimate university of best practice. Practical, comprehensive and constantly updated, they are based on the hundreds of interviews we do with large enterprises around the world.

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SMiLE guides

SMiLE Guides are packed with statistics, diagrams, infographics and stories that you can use in your next presentation to your boss, your colleagues or your staff. Published each month they cover the key topics that you will want to master:


Why your organisation should be investing in a collaborative platform: the facts, figures and stories from successful pioneers.

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What is the process to develop a strategy for these new channels? What could success look like and what is the roadmap?

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Social Risk

How to set up your platform so that it is compliant with your organisation's legal needs without strangling its adoption.

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Corporate Moments

How to use your social platform to enhance key moments in the life of your organisation: results, CSR campaigns and major conferences.

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Whether you are on 2010 or migrating to 2013 here is everything a communicator needs to know about upgrading Microsoft's powerful but perplexing platform.

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IC Apps

The rise of the use of apps in internal communications. Why they are gaining popularity and how they are different from traditional channels?

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How are organisations reaping the benefits of their social network through better collaboration? Read how ESNs are graduating from communication to a more strategic level of optimising business processes.

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Smart Email in the Social Age

How email is adapting to integrate social conversations in the inbox while at the same time better managing and measuring outbound messages.

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Social media and HR

Best practice in the areas of social search, peer recognition and reward. How to integrate your DIY HR tools with your social platforms. Written by Emma Bridger - award-winning employee engagement specialist and Director of People Lab.

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Changing Role of IC

How the job of the internal communications professional is being reshaped by enterprise social networks. What are the threats and opportunities for your career?

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New tools are arriving to help you create a dashboard to evaluate what is working and what is not in the communication ecosphere of your organisation. Learn about the tools and what you should be measuring - and what not.

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The Future of Work

New ways of working are transforming our office spaces and our daily lives. In this extensive smileguide Gloria Lombardi explores what the future of work will mean for communicators.

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