driving social media inside large enterprise

A smilemembership is your resource, guide and friend as you implement a once-in-a-lifetime change in the way your organisation communicates and collaborates internally.

  • Know how to prove how social media can benefit your organisation inside the firewall and give your boss detailed statistics and relevant case studies to prove the value of an employee social network
  • Build your own e-skills and understand the tools
  • Join a network of professional communicators on the same journey
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SMiLE London is our face-to-face event for our subcribers to come together and hear the latest case studies from large organisations who are further down the journey of implementation. These whole day events are held every 6 months in Central London for 250 communicators.

We profile over 100 companies a year and then invite the most popular ones to appear onstage at SMILE.

Instead of dry presentations we use a TV chat show format plus iPads for questions and interaction.

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SMiLE Lab are our popular monthly one-day intensive training sessions. This course is designed by the experts at simply-communicate to give you a head start on what social media can do to revolutionise internal communications inside your business. Limited to 25 delegates they are also a great opportunity to network and learn from others. These are held every month in London.

SMiLE Lab is constantly updated with new thinking so we recommend coming back every 12 months to keep up-to-date.

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SMiLE Guides & Webinars are a series of bi-monthly white papers. Think of them as the ultimate university of best practice. Practical, comprehensive and constantly updated, they are based on the hundreds of interviews we do with large enterprises around the world.

These are practical guides packed with statistics, diagrams, infographics and stories that you can use in your next presentation to your boss, your colleagues or your staff. Published every other month they cover the key topics that you will want to master.

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simplysucceed will give you a powerful insight into the challenges, and enable you and your team to develop, animate and sustain a platform that embeds social at the heart of the way you work - whether internal or customer-facing.
Its unique and very practical modules give you the tools, templates and checklists you'll need at every stage of the complex journey from proving the business case for investment to planning the launch and driving adoption.
Run on a social platform, the program gives you a chance to share knowledge with others facing similar questions in businesses worldwide. It also gives you the opportunity to resolve your challenges with your colleagues using the kind of technology you're looking to introduce or maintain.
Whatever platform you choose, the business challenges are the same. Subscribe to simplysucceed to learn and experience how a collaboration suite can be used to future-proof your business.

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