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Nov 20th 2017

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We spend the year tracking down the most interesting examples of employee social networks and then report their stories each Friday. Over the past 6 months we have identified the top dozen case studies based on our readership figures and we bring them live onstage in our unique chat show format.

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Coca Cola Enterprises
Balfour Beatty

Marie Wallace @marie_wallace
Analytics Strategist at IBM

Marie is no stranger to SMiLE London. She has spent the last decade building analytics technology at IBM and is a foremost expert in the application of the social graph to actual business outcomes. We are therefore delighted to catch up with her work as it enters a dramatic new stage.

Marie is a TED speaker whose methodology tell us how people engage with each other and the business and how companies are really structured and who are the actual communication brokers. Learn how Marie and the team at IBM are interpreting data from the Social Graph of companies to help them make better decisions and communicate more effectively.

Toby Jones @tobyjones00
Internal Communications Manager at RFU

This is an exciting time for England Rugby. With the Rugby World Cup kicking off in September 2015 on home soil, there has been a big drive to improve internal communications across the 600-strong Rugby Football Union. Toby Jones, explains how their SharePoint 2013-based solution integrates with the enterprise social network (ESN) Yammer. "We launched Yammer first, in the period of July-August and let it gather momentum. Then, when the adoption levels within the network were high, we launched the full SharePoint intranet. It's part of a five year strategy to make the most of all aspects of RWC 2015."

Jonathan Phillips @DigitalJonathan
Snr Manager of Digital Communications at Coca-Cola Enterprises

Jonathan is the man behind iConnect "the intranet in your pocket" that has been such a mobile success at CCE. Hear how the tool has developed with hot-off-the-press results of the next version that is being launched in January. We will explore what he has learnt by integrating SharePoint and SAP into this neat and popular mobile platform. We will also be looking at the desktop intranet and find out how he is squaring the circle by making top down information accessible in this new age of social, side-to-side communication.

Frank Hatzack@frankhatzack
Head of Innovation Development at Novozymes

Frank started COLIN 4 years ago: a tool that combines collaboration with innovation at the biotechnology company. Since its launch 35 campaigns have been developed leading to breakthroughs and new products. Now COLIN is being rolled out across all 1,800 blue and white collar Novozymers to run 4 online ideation activities to get everyone's input on long-term strategy.

Hear how Frank has helped nurture the platform, the role of the 'Screen Teams' and the extraordinary return on investment that Novozymes is enjoying.

Nick Patience
Research VP, Software at 451 Research

Nick has been researching and advising clients on social technology and enterprise strategies for many years, focussing his research on early stage startups that have the potential to not only innovate but also to disrupt markets. Hear how 451 Research think the ESN market will shape up and change over the next five year period, detailing the opportunities, challenges and the road blocks ahead for buyers and sellers alike.

In this session on the state of the nation you will hear why he believes Enterprise Social is in its infancy and is set for some big upheavals to come.

Melanie Wheeler@tweetwheeler
Global Head of Internal Communication & CSR at XChanging

Xchanging provides business processing, technology and procurement services internationally to customers across multiple industries. Three years ago, Melanie took on the role of Head of Internal Communication and she has truly found her passion. Over the last three years Melanie has united a global internal communications team, implemented a social intranet and supported the business in achieving improvement in communication scores in the employee engagement survey. In her own time she chairs the Jive UK User Group and has been a judge for the Grand Prix Award at the EVCOM Screen Awards for past two years.

Stanley Awuku@Stanos22
Internal Digital Experience Manager at Vodafone Group

Stanley's story about Vodafone's Circle platform is all about bringing external behaviours used outside into the enterprise to increase knowledge sharing. "Adoption is something that is quite difficult to say that you've actually done it. When you deliver something like a social enterprise there are so many factors involved. You have to do the user experience training and get the right people adopting it at a senior level to be ambassadors so that others will follow.
"At the beginning it was a hard sell to get employees to embrace the new behaviours from how they were communicating before, which was mainly email and IM. But over time they seemed to like the benefits of being able to reach the masses using one place and getting feedback from people at the same time. The fact that we could remove some of those communication barriers was a good upwards selling point."

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SMiLE is the largest gathering of Internal Communication professionals - from those dipping their toes into social media to others who are looking for ideas to build adoption on their new networks. If you are responsible for your company's intranet, or manage corporate communications then this is the event for you.

And of course we will be running our popular Expert tables in two sessions where you can get hands-on with the subjects closest to your heart.

SMiLE was a sell-out so we have increased the size of the venue to 250 for 2015.

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